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Photo shoot collaboration Ideas;

Foreword, these ideas came from MY mind, however they were arisen!                                                           If you steal them just know that you will never truly succeed because you are not an individual. I hope thoughts of Turkey Vultures run through your mind during all hours preventing you from sleep and reddening your eyes during daylight.

Pagan Calendar-  Model collaboration- All full blooded races welcome! An elaborate representation of the celebration of the seasons! The wheel of Life, death and re-birth. What is your favorite time of year? Perhaps the Month of your Birthday? Nude, Implied, Glamour, Your choice! This will be An ongoing project lasting a year or longer but eventually is going to be Published!  I have marketing connections to local businesses in my town and also websites that sell great books; It may go further depending on the success! Hoping for January 2013 as the release date for the upcoming New Year. Does this Excite you? Moon phases and transitions complete list for year as well as interpretations for those who are new and other astrological focuses! Do you have favorite quotes or valuable inspiration? I want to work with Beautiful models (Inside who let it shine outwards in their words and actions) who are bursting with the need for a creative outlet. Sustainable action- it will be printed on recycled materials and all profits will be donated to help out the company we all can agree upon!                                                                            All who feel inspired by this project please contact Me as Soon as Possible, 6 Months can Fly by Lightning fast!  


Mod Fish. Candy colored, energetic, SIMPLE. I vision one pose to strike the vision (Contact Me)

I have a Frost Point Siamese 3mo/ Kitten. She is murderously Gorgeous; Do you have ideas?

I can be a bit materialistic ;]

Vintage Chair 40’s Couch from the20s; Impeccable Condition.                                                                                                                                                                   Japanese  style* table chair. Colorful Flowers and brass design.                                                                                                                                                  Cow Pelvis bone painted and feathered to resemble a Great Horned Owl, or can be any other mystic creature we choose! Mask*                                                                                                                                                                                                 

I am a History Buff!!!! I have a deep Fascination with every period of Time, I get a natural High from learning about cultures and customs of every period known to us Present folk. I love only the classics of everything, and am a fan of creating Actuality, but occasionally like a spin on what used to be.                Amuse me! Shall we step into a Time Machine Together?

Winter Ideas- Snow and Fur!

Gemini Two Personalities. I feel composed of multiples. I wish to create a shoot that shows the two at once; Half of my face has vivacious hair and beauty makeup, the other side is bald and possesses the beauty of a woman who listens to no one but can accomplish anything.                                                                     Brass in pocket! (Contact me)

Anything Alternative and Different! Deep, astonishing, Intrigue Me and I will Produce !